What's that tool do?

Other Types of Data?

No more than one page explaining what the data source is, what it is used for, where one can learn how to use it, find and example, etc. If two student assigned to each, produce independent first drafts. Then meet, combine, correct.

  1. SpatiaLite layer
  2. POSTGis
  3. Microsoft Structured Query Language (MSSQL)
  4. Oracle Georaster
  5. SQL Anywhere
  6. WMS/WMTS Layers and QGIS (CM SC) (Need some pictures)
  7. WCS
  8. WFS
  9. GPX

Plugins and Such

Become enough of an expert on this function that you can write a one page guide for fellow students, give a 5 minute presentation, show an example, answer oral exam question regarding.

  1. Raster Analysis (NM) (Check)
  2. Georeferencer Plugin (Nothing to work with)
  3. Spatial Query Plugin (JL) (Check)
  4. Road Graph Plugin (JK) (Check)
  5. Interpolation Plugin (KD)
  6. Zonal Statistics Plugin (CM) (CHECK)
  7. Dxf2Shp Converter Plugin (BM) (CHECK)
  8. Random Selection/Random Selection with Subsets (YB) (Nothing to work with)
  9. Random Points/Regular Points/Vector Grid (PT) (Great)
  10. Delaunay Triangulation (HM) (Great)
  11. Voronoi Polygons (JN) (Great)
  12. Simplify Geometry/Densify Geometry (SC)
  13. Multiparts to Single Parts/Single Parts to Multiparts/Polygons to Lines/Lines to Polygons/Extract Nodes (AW)
  14. Join Attributes by Location/Split Vector Layer/Merge Shapefiles into One (AG)
  15. Landscape Ecology using LecoS Plugin (MT)
  16. Terrain Analysis (ZB)


Become enough of an expert on this function that you can write a one page guide for fellow students that explains why one would want to do it and how to do it, give a 2-3 minute demo, show an example, and/or tutor a fellow student who needs to know how to do it.

  1. Cut, Copy, Paste Features (YB)
  2. Add, Move, Delete Selected Feature(s) (HM)
  3. Rotate Feature(s) (JK)
  4. Simplify Feature (JN)
  5. Add Ring (ZB)
  6. Add Part (MT)
  7. Delete Ring (JL)
  8. Delete Part (KD)
  9. Reshape Features (PT)
  10. Offset Curves (AW)
  11. Split Features (CM)
  12. Merge Selected Features (SC)
  13. Merge Attr. of Selected Features (NM)
  14. Node Tool (AG)
  15. Rotate Point Symbols (BM)

Other fun things to try

  1. Download OSM files in QGIS (Phuong Tseng)