Ryans Skill List

Sequential Skills

  1. Projects. Open existing project. Saving a project.
  2. Layers. Add vector layer to map. Turn layer on/off. Move layers up/down. Remove layer.
  3. Layers. Change style/symbology for layer.
  4. View. Zoom. Pan. Zoom to extent. Etc.
  5. Distance. Scale.
  6. Layer. Attribute table. Identify feature. Search from attribute table. Create selection set in attribute table.
  7. Settings > Options. Default map appearance.
  8. Selection with mouse.
  9. Attribute tables. Manipulating selections. Editing/adding/deleting records/fields.
  10. Attribute tables. Field calculator. Calculated fields.
  11. Attribute tables. Searches and search query builder.
  12. Labels. Appearance. Computed. Dynamic display. Graphic design.
  13. Choropleth maps: basic
  14. Choropleth maps: alternative classes, cutpoints, color scales
  15. Layers. Creating new layers/shape files.
  16. Layer Properties dialog. Details. Styles. Labels. Fields. General. Metadata. Actions. Joins. Diagrams
  17. Point maps. Changing symbology. Thematic point maps. Selecting point features by value.
  18. Map tips. HTML in map tips
  19. Layouts. Printing. Legends. Scale bars. North arrows. Exporting image files.
  20. Database management
  21. Other geo-formats