Jess K's Sandbox

NOTES from 11/21:

Made for ppl in car, roads and parking is prominent. parents, visitors, new students.

not walking map.

things are labeled to “show off.” list is not practical, if I needed to find food or the health center or the gym, I wouldn’t be able to find it with old dead donors names.

Many things students use, and are referenced are not labeled (tea shop, center for academic excellene). things are labeled with impractical official names.

names are not descriptive (tea shop, health center, student union as rothwell center, vera long instead of social sciences). or folk terms.

different colors/ themes to describe use of buildings, paths, etc.

Who uses Mills Campus Map?
-students use the map and list of names to find offices, more obscure/small resources, meeting places
-new students use the map to find classes, residency ,etc.
-staff uses the map to find
-delivery/mail uses map to find delivery places, mailroom,
-public uses map to find trails, food,

public safety
current students could use the map to find offices, club meeting places, recreational, sleeping spots, map connected to calendar/schedule, microwaves/food/fridges,
commuter student
landscape/maintenance staff
IT folks
shuttle driver
environmental club

folk terms/practical naming
clubs/meeting places/smaller groups
installment art/ etc. places to do it.
way people interact with the space (smoking spot, people eat lunch, populated walking paths, paths used for strolling vs. used for walking to classes)