GIS and QGIS so far

Quiz assumes you have worked through

  1. What doe QGIS stand for?
  2. What company makes QGIS?
  3. How long has QGIS been around?
  4. Identify the numbered elements in the QGIS user interface screenshot
    • QGIS-interface-layout.png
  5. What do we mean by a layer's "style" in QGIS?
  6. What are the three types of shape files?
  7. Where in this map of Alameda county is Oakland?
    • qgis-where-is-oakland.png
  8. The picture below shows the data "behind" a map layer. What do we call this? (a) Layer Property Table (b) Shape File (c) Attribute Table (d) Data Table (e) DBF (database format) File
    • QGIS-attribute-table.png