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(calgeo-1) [[include soc128:quiz-include_mc5 question=Approximately how many miles is California north-south?|
f1=INCORRECT. Way too small. About 1/10 the correct value.|
f2=INCORRECT. Off by about 400 miles! |
f4=INCORRECT. About 800 miles to many. This is more like the distance from San Diego to Chicago. |
f5=INCORRECT. Off by a factor of ten. Ten thousand miles is about half way around the world.]]
(osm-13) How do you show what layers are included in an OSM map?

(osm-12) What tab do you click on if you just want to look at the map?
(osm-11) On the main OSM map page, what do you see when you click on the History tab?

(osm-10) When you look at Oakland in OSM there are a few line features represented by dotted lines. What things to these represent?
(osm-9) What is a "trace" in OSM parlance?

(osm-8) What does FieldPapers call a map or set of maps that you make?
(osm-7) On the Share dialog box below, explain the functionality of each of the numbered items.OSM-share-dialog-quiz.png

(osm-6) How do you show the map legend in OSM?
(osm-5) Explain the functionality of each of the numbered items in this FieldPapers screenshot.

(osm-4) What does OSM use "diaries" for?
(osm-3) What is a "change set"?
(osm-2) When you view your profile on OSM, what is a "nearby user"?

(osm-1) What are the editor options in Open Street Map?