Qgis Voronoi Polygons

What are Voronoi Polygons?

Voronoi polygons is a systematic way to divide spaces into a number of regions using a set of points specified at the beginning. For each point there will be a corresponding region that consists of the points closer to that points than any other. These regions are called voronoi cells.

Voronoi polygons are useful in that they allow mappers to visually see the distribution of points through shapes.

To learn more about vornoi polygons click here.

How to make Voronoi Polygons?

First, add a vector layer, and choose an shape file with your points.


Then, click on "vector", scroll down to "geometry tools", and then click on "voronoi polygons"


A window will then pop-up and you will need to save this polygon. You will need to click browse, name the file and save.

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It will then ask you, if you would like to add the new layer to the TOC?, and click yes.


Click cancel


You will then need to drag your points from your layers section to the top of the layer list.