Oakland Transit and GIS

For this project, I will be taking an AC Transit bus line and making an interactive, accessible leaflet map that shows the bus line and bus stops along the route. The bus stops will be points with selectable popups, depicting a small box with the current nextbus stop times.

I am choosing to map the 57 bus route, because it spans a large portion of Oakland, and I'm familiar with the route. I will start by creating a line layer in QGIS, transferring it to a leaflet map using geoJSON, and then creating points with attached popups. I will try to convert the XML code that 511.org provides for its nextbus application into a format usable by leaflet (probably geoJSON) to insert it in the popups.

*Update: After fiddling around, I wasn't able to figure out converting the XML code, so I temporarily inserted a popup marker example that has a link to the nextbus stop website while I learn how to insert XML code.*

511.org XML Information

Rotated Rasters


History of Bus Lines Since 1960