Flora of Mills Campus

Trees and Shrubs of Mills College

The Map of Professor Baki Kasapligil, 1967


This map of the Mills Campus was drawn by Professor Kasapligil in 1967. It is contained in a booklet available in the Mills Library, entitled "Trees and Shrubs of Mills College." The map indicates all the flora on the campus at the time. The reference list of plants includes a serial number that is marked on the map, botanical name, common name, native region, remarks, and the map reference location.

The dream of this project is to have a online map of the college campus that is interactive. The fantasy map would have links to plant information as you move over the map, ways to update based on real-time observations, and possibly a way to compare 1967 with today's campus.

Currently, the attached gif file has been geo-referenced with a Mills Campus Parcel map and various layers are being added. As those layers are complete, I will add images here.

This is an image of the Kasapligil map with the areas marked with field cover, as done in QGIS. The four categories of field cover are Grasses, Broadleaf Trees, Coniferous Trees, and Chaparral and Thickets.
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Trees_and_Shrubs_of_Mills071.gifGIF image data12.96 MBInfo


Kasapligil, Baki. 1967. "Trees and Shrubs of Mills College." Oakland, CA: Mills College.