Oakland and Its Earthquakes

Alameda County Fault Map

FAM_750k_ReleaseStatement_SAMPLE.jpg Step1.bmp
  • The faults are color coated. I chose to include faults having had displacement within the last 200 years (red), and the last 11,700 years (orange).

"A strong earthquake occurred on the Hayward Fault, the principal active branch of the San Andreas in central California, in October 1868. Some 30 persons were killed in the region. Damage was severe at San Francisco; many buildings were wrecked at Hayward and San Leandro. Until 1906, this shock was often referred to as "the great earthquake." ~ USGS http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/states/california/history.php

Shakemap of Bay Area Counties: 1989 Earthquake (Mag 5.4)


"ShakeMap is a product of the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program in conjunction with regional seismic network operators. ShakeMap sites provide near-real-time maps of ground motion and shaking intensity following significant earthquakes. These maps are used by federal, state, and local organizations, both public and private, for post-earthquake response and recovery, public and scientific information, as well as for preparedness exercises and disaster planning." ~USGS

1. PGV (Peak Ground Velocity)
2. PGA (Peak Ground Acceleration)
3. PSA (Peak Spectral Acceleration)
PSA03a.png PSA10a.png
4. MMI (Modified Mercalli Intensity)