Lab 2 (2013) Open Street Map II

Each student or team will be assigned one grid square from the gridded aerial below. A pdf of the Atlas can be downloaded from


Record at least a few features onto your field map. Return to lab and scan/photograph and upload. Trace features into OSM. If upload does not work, draw features in OSM editor by eye.


  1. Talk about how we collect geo info in the field.  What sorts of things we record.  Techniques for keeping track of info.  Clerical tricks.  Thinking hierarchically - big things first, stay at a level.  Record both shape and location AND attribute data.
  2. Send in field for half hour
  3. Return and scan maps, upload to  If upload fails we will do it by hand.
  4. Add a few features to your zone.  Be sure to do attributes too.
  5. Save and Commit.

More Open Street Map

Read this conversation about neighborhood boundaries and OSM from 2010. Where do you think it is at this point?

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