Week 1 Day 1

(10 min) Debrief and Troubleshoot Weekend Exercises

(15 min) TechNotes

(30 min) What is OSM? Expectation you have read through online documentation. Any questions?

  1. What
  2. Why
    • Innovation: create something that will be used to create other somethings (e.g. Mapnik, OpenCycleMap)
  3. How
    • Giant database of geographic information + programs that render it as maps + programs that allow users to update the data
    • Note clients and servers in the picture related to TechNotes

(15 min) What will we do in lab?

File nameFile typeSize
Open Street Map I.pdfPDF document2.02 MBInfo
Open Street Map I.pptxNo description1.33 MBInfo
Technicalities-ImageFiles-ClientServer-VectorRaster-QRCode.pdfPDF document3.55 MBInfo
Technicalities-ImageFiles-ClientServer-VectorRaster-QRCode.pptxNo description2.36 MBInfo