Much of the learning in this class depends on regular completion of assigned activities. Most of these are cumulative and their beneficial effect is almost completely wrapped up in doing them on time, in sequence, and repeatedly. To provide an incentive to you, one half of the course grade will be based on your timely completion of these activities. They will be scored as follows:

All activities are expected to be completed by their respective deadlines. Most activities will be accorded 1 point for completion by deadline; some may be higher valued. Class and lab attendance will be considered an activity. Each week will have a total number of possible points. The participation grade for the week will be an A any time at least 95% of the possible points in the week are earned. The grade will be a B if 80-94%, C if 60-80 and F is fewer than 60% are earned.

These weekly grades will be averaged to compute a semester participation grade.

All activities are expected to be completed, even if deadline is missed. Thus, there will be 0.5 points per activity ever done (excluding attendance). This will result in a single score for the semester. If you earn at least 95% you get an A, 80-94% a B, 60-80 a C and below 60 an F.

Participation on deadline will be worth 40% of the semester grade
Participation ever will be worth 20%
Exams and final project will be worth 40%