Exam02 Labels

Labels (7)


  1. How does text added to a map differ from a label? (176)
  2. What is the difference between "dynamic labeling" and an annotation? (176)


  1. Open a new map and add Countries from Exercise 3, zoom to Europe and turn labels on.
  2. Change the appearance of the labels so they are a middle grey 50% and 12 point font.
  3. Set the labels so they do NOT appear if you zoom in more than the current scale. Zoom in and out to demonstrate.
  4. Turn automatic labels off.
  5. Use New Text tool on the Draw menu to add text for the Mediterranean Sea south of France and west of Italy and the North See between Britain and Scandinavia. Change the style of this label to "Ocean."
  6. Use the label tool on the draw menu to custom label France, Germany, and Italy. Change the styles of these labels to be a grey text with a little shadow.