Exam02 Creating Geodatabase

Building geodatabases

  1. Use ArcCatalog to create a new Geodatabase in your folder inside the Exam02 folder. Call it ExamData
  2. Import the feature class tl_2010_06001_tract10 from geodatabase 2010-TIGER-boundaries (DJJR>BayArea) into your geodatabase — name it AlamedaCountyTracts2010.
  1. Create a new feature class in the geodatabase called BIGPOLYGONS
  2. Use WGS1984 as projection
  3. Add a field, "COLOR," to the new feature class in the geodatabase
  4. Create a domain with values "RED," "BLUE," and "YELLOW" for the field in the geodatabase
  5. Edit the new layer and draw several large polygons in the European region.
  6. Go to the attribute table and select value for their color field.
  7. Use category symbology to color them different colors.