Oakland 1940 Census Tracts

Data from Table A-1 "Population by Race and Nativity, and Occupied Dwelling Units, by Census Tracts: 1940" from 1940 US census.
Projection/CRS: NAD83
Source: Ryan/McQuoid Mills College 2001. Digitization from paper census map.
U.S. Census of Population and Housing / Census Tracts / Oakland at Berkeley Doe Library: HA 201 1940 P68 v. 3 GSSI

Fieldname Description
population Population All classes
white_ttl Population White Total
white_natborn Population White Native
white_forborn Population White Foreign born
nonwhite_ttl Population Nonwhite Total
negro Population Nonwhite Negro
nonwht_other Population Nonwhite Other races
pc_white_natborn Population Percent of Total Native white
pc_white_forborn Population Percent of Total Foreign-born White
pc_nonwhite_ttl Population Percent of Total Nonwhite
occ_dwell_units Occupied dwelling units
pop_per_odu Population per occupied dwelling unit
File nameFile typeSize
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