Billable Hours
Record Number Name Month Day Hours Minutes Activity Comments Edit
62 BecauseBunnies November 15 6 45 Did historical research on all of my maps. Completed my topical project, spit-polished my one-page write-ups. Don't hit cancel unless you mean it. I messed up one small thing and hit cancel on accident and boop, hours of work was lost, and I had to do a bunch of stuff over again. Hours
61 Monkey101 December 6 3 30 Worked on Reshape Features and the other two projects as well as fire map. Reshape features tool is not fun to play with… Hours
60 BecauseBunnies November 15 1 30 Cleaned up Topical Page Just need to add historical content, finish a few maps in GIS and add a little text describing what I did, and my topical page will be in a good place Hours
59 Monkey101 November 25 2 0 Worked on Fire Map Not sure what my next steps should be after I created those features with a new layer. I assumed that I should put that map up openstreetmap then apply leaflet stuff to it Hours
58 KitGrl December 1 2 0 Figured out "Add Ring," created my own example of it, and added it to the wiki hours
57 Kitten November 15 2 0 Following acroynym trails, reading on my page topic. So many acroynyms. hours
56 KitGrl December 2 2 45 Created Earthquake Fault Maps on QGIS and added to the wiki hours
55 Dark Moon December 1 1 0 Did "add part" digitizing page Hours
54 Dark Moon November 30 1 0 Code Academy! Hours
53 BecauseBunnies November 15 4 15 Made clarifications in my plugin topic, Created Digitizing tutorial, and worked on topical project Geometry is jargony and horrible. Hours
52 Awesome Jedi November 29 1 0 Finished my page-topic assignment. Will work some on my topical project. I want to put in an Image, I'll ask for help later. Hours
51 Dark Moon November 15 2 0 Updated Tools and Project pages Hours
50 littleowen November 23 3 0 Research for topic project. Still not a lot of compelling data. Throwing some maps I made up on the topics page to keep it going. Hours
49 BecauseBunnies November 15 5 0 Worked on topical project fixing images, Finished my advanced GIS function page, played in my sandbox (cleaning up code and finishing a project I started) Still need to finish Codeacademy, but I feel like I have a good grasp of coding basics. Hours
48 Monkey101 November 24 0 45 Research & Edit SQL Anywhere page Hours
47 Monkey101 November 22 2 30 Research Oakland Fire Project Hours
46 Monkey101 November 21 3 30 Coding on CodeAcademy Hours
45 Monkey101 November 24 4 0 Working/editing wikipages Hours
44 KitGrl November 22 1 30 working on the research topic and wiki page hours
43 KitGrl November 21 2 0 Researching topic and coding that information to the wiki Hours
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