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including at the arrondissement level:

Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques or INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and demographic studies) -

FYI - The City of Paris now has an open data web site as well:

[Comurb_r21] Mapping ACS 2005-2009 and Census 2010

Update on MapUSA
The web-based map system at Brown now includes variables from the 2005-2009 ACS at the tract and county levels, with an effort to be consistent with variables as they were defined in 2000 and before.
The system also includes tract and county variables from the PL94 redistricting data that have been released up to now from Census 2010. These include population, age under 18, and composition by race and Hispanic origin. As new states are released in the remainder of March, their data will be added to the system.
This is now a convenient way to make comparisons as far back as 1940. Plus, shape files and data sets for 1940-2000 are now downloadable from the site.
I hope this turns out to be useful in your research and teaching. (20110311)


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