values and social control

In Class Exercise: Values and Social Control

Select from the list below an issue that is important to you.

Sexism Racism Homophobia Ecology
Energy Food (vegan, etc. or eathing disorders) Smoking Child rearing practices
Drinking Drugs Sex harassment A particular race, ethnic, orientation, etc.

Let's say you and your comrades decide it's time to get serious about this issue. Your task is to describe a "puritan-esque" approach to this issue in a community like Mills. You decide you will start a "hall" or "house" around this issue.
Form a group and either split into "boosters" and "devil's advocates" (or skeptics) or decide that you'll rotate these roles.
1. Describe the basic values, purpose, etc. of your group/organization. Do the values of the organization suggest anything about how it should be run?
2. Try to identify who can join the group/movement. Should there be any restrictions? Who should decide? How will you tell who "fits"?
3. Episode I : Who is qualified to speak as an expert within the group? Do some people have more credibility than others?
4. Episode II: One of the following events occurs
A campus event/issue arises and your group is called upon to coalition with another.
Tensions with a similar but different group/movement.
You decide to work with a professor to create an academic class on the topic.
By analogy to Erikson, what are some things you might expect to see?
5. Episode III : The impure among us need to be found and purged