social control and interacting with others

Course Part II. Interacting with Others

Think about a typical day. Starting from when you wake up in the morning try to list every instance in which your behavior had the potential to impinge on the plans, desires, preferences, convenience, pleasures, etc. of others. Try to come up with at least a dozen.
For each, check which of the following seem true

  • People like me don't do things like that
  • I'd likely get in trouble.
  • I'd likely receive a dirty look.
  • I could be beat up for it.
  • I'd be embarrassed.
  • I would do it if I thought I could get away with it.
  • There's a law against it.
  • There's a rule against it.
  • I could get fired.
  • It would be mean.
  • It would be selfish.
  • It would be immature.
  • It would make it hard to interact with the person later.
  • I'd have to take lessons.
  • They'd make me see a shrink.
  • I'd have to pay for what I did.
  • Something physical prevented me from doing it.