Social Control and Conflict Resolution

Situations in which a conflict might ariseā€¦

  1. Two people arrive at a narrow door at the same time.
  2. Two sisters have to split a piece of cake.
  3. Drivers arrive at intersection at exactly the same moment, one from east, one from north.
  4. Co-authors who agree they've contributed equally to a paper have to decide how to list their names on the cover.
  5. Splitting assets after a divorce.
  6. Splitting the bill at a restaurant.
  7. Passengers need to figure out how to share carryon space on an airplane.
  8. Three people want seats on a bus but there are only two available.
  9. Two students want to take the same book out of the library.
  10. I offer you $50 but you ask $70.
  11. Amrit and Bjorn are on a date. Amrit wants to see a thriller; Bjorn wants to see a romantic comedy.
  12. Some people have dogs. Some people have yards. Some people have both. Everybody has shoes.
  13. Caren has a particularly good feature which she likes to show off. Some friends get annoyed by this.
  14. In a long line for cinema tickets, Dillip notices that he's left his car lights on and wants to go turn them off, but doesn't want to lose his place in line.
  15. Eliana's partner had coffee with someone she is jealous of. In retribution, she packed up her stuff and moved out. Her friends are divided about whether her response was appropriate.
  16. Fred suggests that his organization delay a decision in order to take more time to study the option, consider the costs, etc. Some of his colleagues are against this, arguing that they should move fast lest a competitor take advantage of the situation.