group norm exercise

Form Groups of 4
Select topic (1) dogs, (2) household pollution, (3) neighborhood parking, (4) ski safety, (5) stealing friend's boy/girlfriends, (6) noise (apartments, restaurants, beaches, camping), (7) sanitary behavior — flushing toilets, washing hands, etc.
Answer questions

  1. Who are the players?  Who behaves, who is affected by the behavior, who is audience, who are relevant third parties?
  2. Identify levels of this behavior that can be characterized as “extra good,” “ordinary,” and “bad”?  Where do you think society’s cutoffs between "acceptable" and "unacceptable" are? Note : not your personal standards, but rather, “society's.”
  3. In what community is the behavior embedded?  Is community close knit?  Can people mutually monitor? How does information about the behavior move around?
  4. Any substantive rules?
  5. Remedial rules?
  6. What sorts of sanctions are used?  Rewards? Punishments?