Mini-Assignment #3
In the field
1. Decide on what behavior you will focus on.
2. Return to your "field site" (or anywhere the following could be done).
3. Talk to at least 5 and at most 10 people about this behavior. You should ask them some version of the following questions:
o What do you think most people do? (the pattern?)
o Are there any informal rules? (aspirational statements?)
o Have you ever seen anyone invoke a rule and react to someone who violated one? (sanctions?) What have they done?
o Are there any informal rules governing the kinds of things you can and cannot do?
o Are there any formal rules or laws? If so, what are they?
o Have you ever witnessed an official rule enforcer in action?
Record these answers as field notes (that is, don't just jot down while talking, de-brief yourself afterwards, adding observations, etc.). Remember, this is your data.
Write up summary of your findings (1-2 pages )
Would you ask questions differently next time to improve the data you collect? How so? Why? Etc. (1/2 page)
Turn in these ~2 ½ pages. One "page" means one page, double spaced, 1" margins, 12 pt font. But pay no attention to that. Think instead 250 words per page. So, this is about a 625 word assignment.