Exam02 2012

Social Control 2012 Essay Questions for Exam 2.

1. Create three arguments in favor of seeing dogs as a social problem in need of social control attention. Use (and name/describe) three different grounds and three different kinds of warrants to reach the conclusion that the community is in need of more laws around dog ownership and better enforcement of those laws.

2. Consider an Oakland neighborhood in which there are many dog owners. Of late, some conflict has arisen in the community around the issue of people not picking up after their pets. Walk us through the different ways deviance can be good and bad for a group as outlined by Coser in “Some Functions of Deviance and Normative Flexibility” using speculative examples (that is, examples you make up) about this neighborhood. All told, you should have 4-6 scenarios in your essay.

3. A moral panic has emerged in one neighborhood around the issue of dogs. Describe the events using the components of a moral panic described by Cohen.

IF you need any inspiration, you might listen to Act 3 of a This American Life episode called "NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH".



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