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Book Reviews



BOOK REVIEWS. Handouts to follow detailing format of book review, but for those who may want to get started. Here are two preliminary lists.  Best strategy is to read a bit about the book (or peruse it if it's a library book) before making choices (an excellent source is reviews from Contemporary Sociology or American Journal of Sociology or Social Forces of which you can find in JSTOR). Titles and covers can mislead. If you have questions, drop me a line (I'll answer to SOC112@mills so everyone benefits but I'll remove your name unless you tell me not to). If you have the urge to go off the playing board and choose a different book, be sure to consult first. One requirement for the assignment is that the book be on our list or approved. I'll continue to pull items together for list over next several days.

Books in the Mills Library (collection related to these topics not so great and a bit dated but these seem like good candidates)

/soc112:assignments-and-exercises/books-for-soc112-amazon.html A selection of books from Amazon (in no particular order) And, obviously, if I failed to note that a book on the Amazon list is also in our library, you can of course get it there…

In the interest of keeping things interesting, one extra requirement attaches to the books you can pick for your book review: only one person per book.  The way we will manage the "first come first served" norm (easy norm to agree on but there are some transaction and information costs — more about those later in the course) is to have you comment on this blog entry.

When you have settled on an book, add a comment to this entry in my Social Control File blog by clicking on the comment button below.  Of course, you should read through the other comments to see what's already been taken.  If I'm feeling really energetic I'll keep tabs and figure out a way to cross them off on the online lists as they are signed up for.  But don't hold your breath on this last bit.

Be sure to leave both your name and the title of the bookPeer Reviews of Book Reviews. You can download anonymized papers from this page.  You should rate each paper on each of 12 criteria AND you should offer constructive comments where possible.  You job is not to offer empty encourage and it is not to offer harsh criticism.  Rather the goal is to provide useful feedback on things that the author could do to improve the paper.  If you want to offer line editing suggestions, do it on a hard copy and submit to me and I'll get it to the author.