How It Works


Skills are grouped into skills areas. How big? For my modeling class, I have each course section (e.g., Markov models or Linear Programing) as a single skill area with 4-8 distinct skills for each. For my methods courses I usually have one skill related to concepts and one called something like "Indications, Contraindications, and Caveats" to cover "when should we use this method, when should we not, and what do we need to be wary of?" Between these I usually have 2 to 5 skills that correspond to increasing sophistication or refinement.

Wiki Technicalities

All skills are tagged "skill" and the name or abbreviation of the skill area(s) they are a part of. The default name for skill pages is abbreviationNN.

Skill area pages are tagged with "skills" (note the S).

Course skill pages INCLUDE skill area pages as appropriate.

A skill area page has a new page button to create new skills in that area. Skill pages based on a template that references an include.


A course skill page will have a new page button to create new skill area page.