Welcome and Intro

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blurb: 'What''s this class about? Who is this instructor? Why take this now? Will there be a final exam? Who are these people around me? So many questions as we get under way. We''ll spend some of this session getting to know one another and looking at the map of the journey ahead but we will also endeavor to practice what we''ll preach, to learn by doing, to try it out rather than just talking about it.'
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agenda: "[[div class=\"admins-only\"]]\nEdit\n[[/div]]\n# Welcome (10/10)\n# Icebreaker: Visual Telephone (20/30)\n# What is DT? (Slides/Lecture 30/60)\n * What is storyboarding?\n * Teams of 2; View 3 videos on DT/HCD; StoryBoard and script for a one minute video\n# BREAK (10/70)\n# Workshop: My Information Wallet (60/130)\n# The Syllabus and Course Expectations (30/160)\n# Take-Aways (5/165)\n# For Next Time (10/175)"
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