This module introduces the mechanics AND the underlying logic/theory of the IDEO human centered design thinking process. We will introduce the shape of a typical DT workshop with special emphasis on skills/mindsets such as (1) you are not the user, (2) research before ideas, (3) downloading research to the group, (4) creative collaboration in disciplined brainstorming, (5) clustering and prioritizing, (6) prototyping as learning experiments, (7) using feedback and iterating.

  1. DesignKit by
  2. Design Kit: The Human-Centered Design Toolkit
  3. Why Human Centered Design Matters Wired
  4. Our Approach
  5. DesignKit Videos
  6. Readings from Acumen/IDEO course
    1. An Introduction to Human Centered Design
    2. Discover
    3. Ideate
    4. Prototype
    5. Moving Forward