What is Design Thinking? (1:50)
GE Digital

What is Design Thinking?
Jeanne M. Liedtka2 May 2014

The Design Thinking Process (3:56)

DevExplains: What is human-centered design — and why does it matter? (3:18)

Human Centered Design (2:26)
Grameen Foundation

Human Centred Design with Ariel Sim (7:27)
MaRS Entrepreneurship Programs

Design thinking method (4:36)
Thomas Hemmingsen

The secret behind good (public) products + services (3:20)

Design Thinking in 1 Minute (1:12)
PDAgroup GmbH

What is Design Thinking (4:20)

Design Thinking and Innovation At Apple (7:06)
Wei Li

Design Thinking in 90 Seconds (2:11)
The Strategy Group

What is Human centered Design? (1:55)
Design Kit

HCDI – Human Centered Design Institut (German 1:49)
Danny Franzreb

Intervention Design: Martin and Kelley (2:36)
Rotman School of Management

Human Centered Design for Social Innovation (2:45)

Community Voices for Policy Development: Tanzania (3:54)
Advancing Partners & Communities

HCD & Engineering (3:20)
U Washington