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Q460. Modify this as you like so it refers to a trip project you might plan with family or friends.

We are proposing an inexpensive family trip from Charleston, South Carolina, to Des Moines, Iowa, to visit relatives during December school holidays. The seasonal trip we dream of taking from Charleston to Des Moines is the “program.” Basic assumptions about our trip “program” are:

  • We want to visit relatives between 12/10/00 and 1/5/01 while the children are out of school.
  • We will fly from South Carolina to Iowa because it takes less time than driving and because frequent flier (FF) miles are available.
  • Using frequent flier miles will reduce travel costs.

We have to determine the factors influencing our trip, including necessary resources, such as, the number of family members, scheduled vacation time, the number of frequent flier miles we have, round trip air reservations for each family member, and transportation to and from our home to the airport. The activities necessary to make this happen are the creation of our own family holiday schedule, securing our Iowa relative’s schedule, garnering air line information and reservations and planning for transportation to and from the airport.

Q461. Consider the task of building a logic model for a setting up an "academic excellence center" on campus. Brainstorm about resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes. For each category, give examples of too much detail, not enough detail, and just the right amount of detail for a straightforward logic model.

Q462. Sketch a logic model for buying a house.