The purpose of this independent study is to create a syllabus and curriculum for a theoretical course on Cyber Sociology. I will read fundamental texts on the sociology of technology and use the syllabi listed as well as independent research to find other relevant books and articles.

Intellectual Trajectory

Starting with a brief history of society and technology, moving into current dominant theories, and ending with future projections (i.e. Singularity, transhumanism)

I will keep a wiki page of annotations for each book and article I read

The culminating project will be a syllabus for a potential course on Cyber Soc complete with reading list, lecture notes, and other resources.

Idea Sources

Social and Political Implications of Technology
The Singularity Ralph Morelli Trinity College Computer Science Seminar — Syllabus Spring 2011
Studies in the Transhuman: Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology, Nanosciences Biopolitics and the Human Future (s) Dr. Paul Privateer
Other Ideas


  • Mumford, Lewis. The Myth of the Machine Pt. 2
  • Kurzweil, Raymond. The Singularity is Near
  • Chayko, Mary. Portable Communities
  • Turkle, Sherry. Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet
  • Pinch, Hughes, Bijker. The Social Construction of Technological Systems
  • Fukuyama, Francis. Our Posthuman Future


Course Material


Reading Notes

Other Resources