Iddo Tavory, "In the Midst of the Profane: Neighborhood, Attachment and Orthodox Jewish Life"


The 17th Annual1

Soon-to-be-author-meets-noncritics Session
(partez vos épées à la porte)
Will convene in city Las Vegas
Date 22 August 2011
at 9:00 pm.
Location: Caesar's Palace, room TBA

Iddo Tavory2

"In the Midst of the Profane: Neighborhood, Attachment and Orthodox Jewish Life"

The book-in-progress I will present is an exploration of the processes through which the largest and most vibrant strict Jewish-Orthodox neighbourhood in the West Coast came about, and how Orthodox members in the neighbourhood now sustain it in their everyday lives. The (slowly emerging) book is based on 5 years of ethnographic fieldwork, interviews, and some archival work. Theoretically, I am interested in the everyday interplay among neighborhood institutions, the way religious edicts shape action and interaction, and the challenges of constructing boundaries where Orthodox Jewish members live in a non-religious space. I will outline the general project along with some of the processes I discuss in the book, and then present the issue that I am currently struggling with—how to think about these different processes, not as additive (you take some segregated schools, add some internal struggle for distinction, stir with religious edicts, etc.) but as they are articulated and interconnected to form a distinct texture of neighbourhood life.

Refreshments of some sort may be served, but in lieu of swords (which must be left at the door) you can BYOB.

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