John Levi Martin "The Explanation of Social Action"


The 15th Annual1

Soon-to-be-author-meets-noncritics Session
(partez vos épées à la porte)
Will convene in San Francisco
Sunday August 9
at 9:00 pm.
Location: Parc 55 Hotel, Balboa Room (level 4)

John Levi Martin2

"The Explanation of Social Action"

A fork lies in the road before us: one path takes us towards a relational phenomenology, ultimately, we hope, ending in a fully mathematized social aesthetics. The other leads to barbarism. This book attempts (1) to determine the most fundamental reason that the social sciences seem to be hurtling down a path towards perdition, (2) to determine alternate starting places that do not predispose us to grab the wrong end of hot poker and beat around the dead horse with it, (3) to begin to propose a minimal vocabulary for the explanation of social action.
Refreshments of some sort may be served,
but in lieu of swords (which must be left at the
door) you can BYOB.

d.l'i.s.v.p (diffuser l'invitation s'il vous plaît)