Arlie Hochschild The Outsourcing of Intimacy


The nth Annual1

Soon-to-be-author-meets-noncritics Session
(partez vos épées à la porte)
Will convene in city
at 9:00 pm.

Soon to be Author2


Refreshments of some sort may be served, but in lieu of swords (which must be left at the door) you can BYOB.

d.l'i.s.v.p (diffuser l'invitation s'il vous plaît)


2004 Murray S. Davis "That's Not Funny"
2003 Jamie Mullaney "Everyone is NOT Doing It: Narrating Abstinence as Personal Identity"
2002 Carla Eastis "National Mothers' Organizations"
2001 Kim Torres "Minority Students at Elite Universities"
2000 Ruth Simpson "Miasmas and Social Structures"
1999 Dan Ryan "Notification Norms"
1998 Wayne Brekhus "Identity Commuters Integratorsand Lifestylers"
1997 Dan Chambliss "Excellence in Organizations"
1996 Lynn Chancer "High Profile Crimes"
1995 Eviatar Zerubavel "Social Mindscapes"