Social Science Basics


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Concepts, Variables, Operationalization, Indicators, Measurement

Remember: most research is about relationships. Remember this table from Bernard

Units of Analysis

a sport; participants; events; religions, communities, practitioners; episodes, people, concepts, stereotypes.

The Big Person-on-the-Street Errors

Sampling on the dependent variable

Percentaging in the wrong direction

Divisor problem

Studying me (and projection, and related) : the ultimate ethnocentrism

Statistical power — on the relationship between effect size and sample size


Take your project as you currently conceive it (however foggy that may be).

Step one: identify three possible units of analysis.

Step two: for one of these three (the one that most grabs you), identify at least two of the following

Internal states
External states
Reported behavior
Observed behavior

Step three: identify at least three different research questions from three different cells.

DON'T stop until you have a really good idea!