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What reminds you of what? When one reads — or hears about — a book, one almost unconsciously make connections — this book is a little bit like that book. When you tell someone you are interested in some topic s/he will often say, "well, then you should have a look at …."

I just stumbled across a web resource,, that implements this as a combination of a personal library catalog and a social network.  It allows you, virtually, to surf your own library and connect from books you know to books that are related to it. Users "tag" books creating a interesting way to slice through the database. Try these, for example: sociology, history, philosophy,[href=" economics]. And it keeps an eye on where a given book is available — libraries, bookstores, online digital sources, used book networks (like

When I played around with it looking for books on the sociology of information I got a bookshelf that nearly mirrored my the books in front of me on my study's shelves, but with a few titles I was unfamiliar with the bookshelf below.


Wikipedia Book Creator lets you build pdf books from Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia Book Creator

Google Ngrams lets you scan 200 years of books for words and phrases

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