Examples of Diagrams in Sociology


Path Diagrams to Illustrate Causality

An early use of "Path analysis" was by Peter Blau and Otis Dudley Duncanin The American Occupational Structure (1978). They analyzed data collected from a sample of adult male children and their families and proposed a simple model of the occupational attainment process:


Note: the lower case eE and eO stand for other factors that effect outcomes.

"Each … direct effect … needs to have a theoretical statement about the mechanism that … generat[es] the observable association. Higher father's education may affect son's education by providing the child with higher expectations, and support for attainment. …One of the key insights of the Blau-Duncan model is that the effects of ascriptive characteristics on the son's success may be both direct and indirect" (Hanneman).

Two by Two Tables to Generate Concepts


Kronman, Max Weber

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