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Sigalon's Visualization Soup

Graph Layout

Draft paper on ForceAtlas


Why "Atlas"?

I have found some tracks in the freshly fallen snow : apparently, in at least one context, ATLAS stands for Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (http://math-atlas.sourceforge.net/ — it’s a package of software routines for doing linear algebra: “ATLAS's purpose is to provide portably optimal linear algebra software.” – I’m guessing it’s the muscle behind the layout algorithm.

Reference found in “Graph Drawing by Stress Majorization” Emden R. Gansner, Yehuda Koren and Stephen North (http://www.graphviz.org/Documentation/GKN04.pdf)





Larry Kerschberg INFS 797 - Social Networks at GMU
Borgatti Shortcourse Syllabus and Exercise Schedule
Borgatti Management Course
Knoke materials at UMN
Hanneman materials (includes textbook) at UCR; Syllabus for undergraduate course
Doug White's list of SNA syllabi
Lazer Syllabus at KSG
Moody syllabus at Duke

Reading to be assigned

Privacy and Social Networks (Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada)
An intro to social network analysis for natural resource management (4:30)
Mehl, M. R. Quantitative Text Analysis
Jennifer Attride-Stirlin "Thematic networks: an analytic tool for qualitative research"


Make a graph of a website


Radiolab Emergence
TBOOK Cyberspying (14:07)
TBOOK Colin Thubron on "Shadow of the Silk Road" One of the original global networks.
Videos and Images

Class Notes and Such

Excellent set of note cards on graph theory.
Computer Science, Spring 2008 CS249B “Science of Networks” at Wellesley College