Excel Refresher

Excel Prerequisites

Rows; Columns; Cells (absolute and relative references); Cell ranges (selecting, referring to); Entering data; Worksheets and Workbooks; Renaming worksheets; Cell alignment; Selecting a cell or cell range; Entering a formula; Using autofill to proliferate formula; Cell formatting (borders, fill, font color); Number formatting; Built-in functions; Page setup for printing; Changing column width and row height; Hiding columns or rows

Some Resources

Jonathan Eckstein, Rutgers University
Excel Basics -- A Brief Refresher (just gets you started)
Office 2010 Class #18: Excel Intro Project 01: Data, Formatting, Formulas, Page Setup (a bit breathless, but packs a lot into one hour)
Excel 2010 Tutorial 2 - AutoFill
Excel 2010 Tutorial 4 - Calculations - Fibernachi Sequence (//sic// -- Fibbonaci)
Excel 2010 Tutorial 5 - Functions - AutoSum - Sum Max Min Average Large Small ABS Power
Excel 2010 Tutorial 8 - Absolute Reference $