As one part of our look at the higher education lobby (aka "the politics of higher education") we will look at the Amazon "also bought" network of books related to higher education. We used the Yasiv tool developed by Andrei Kashcha to visualize networks of books based on data pulled from Amazon. We started with the book Academically Adrift and then recentered the network on books further out and then we used Richard Vedder's book Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much and then a book on the "liberal professoriate" (get title).

Task List

  1. Come up with descriptive names for the groups/clusters NODEXL creates based on titles contained in each.
  2. Identify which clusters are pretty much education related and which ones are peripheral.
  3. Write paragraph describing the breakdown of the education realm based on the clusters that are education and the larger political field based on the peripheral clusters attached to the education stuff.
  4. Perhaps create a collapsed cluster graph with clusters arranged to show the education sub areas and the peripheral topics.


"The New Conservative Critique of Higher Education" COHE November 27, 2010, 11:27 am By Frank Donoghue
Wakita, Ken and Toshiyuki Tsurum "Finding Community Structure in Mega-scale Social Networks."

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