Preedy Discussion
Social life is personal interpretation and interaction

  • someone throws symbols out, I grab them, interpret & throw my own back—> this continues.
  • we act under the assumption that we know what and how our symbols will be interpreted & thrown back by others

the given vs. given off
saying (verbal cues) doing (body language)

socially, there's room for multiple layers of face

  • we learn to observe and dissect

How to Study TFG
know the difference between observation & interpretation

  • 2 individuals "fighting"
    • interpretation (based on inferencing, what we process hearing as well as what we see): they fought
    • observation: they spoke loudly, gesticulate widely, decrease space between each person

TFG not the same as as the "usual"
TFG- background understanding of how the world works, must understand & use to be a competent human being (solid looking things are always solid- we assume, we take for granted)

unusual- statistical measure (ex. dentures falling in the sewer)
strange- undermines TFG (ex. continuing to ask the same question to othersafter receiving an answer from one)