The Imperfect Self

DJJR's List

  1. Conservative Bias: new evidence causes less update than it should. "That's data!"
  2. Curse of knowledge. I'm playing a song but you don't recognize it and I can tell why.
  3. Choice support bias. Remember only upsides. Why I came to Mills.
  4. Selection bias. Those who make it into my sample are not representative of population. Anyone want to answer a survey on loneliness?
  5. Bandwagon effect. Election.
  6. Framing Effect. Cf. Definition of the situation. Goffman's guy on the buss.
  7. Hyperbolic Discounting. Failure of delayed gratification.
  8. Projection Bias. You must be feeling, thinking, seeing the world like I do. I accuse you of what I'm aware I do.
  9. Planning Fallacy. Time to completion underestimated.
  10. Fundamental Attribution Error. For me, the cause is structural. For you it's personal.
  11. Illusion of Asymmetric Insight. I understand you better than you understand me.
  12. Outgroup Homogeneity Bias. They are all alike.
  13. Halo Effect. That actor is beautiful. He must also be smart.