On Studying the Taken-for-Granted


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I am Preedy

What is the phenomenon we are trying to capture here?
There would seem to be two versions (maybe three). One is what the other looks like to me (there he is, trying to act the X). Another is what he might "unconsciously" be trying to do. And the third is what he might be at least vaguely conscious of.
What is the source of the material when we play one of these parts?

Some Methodological Suggestions: Thinking About and Seeing the Water

  1. Observation v. Interpretation
  2. TFG not same as "usual"
    1. The strange vs. the unusual

I can't operate on this child!
Steve Martin as white actor (180 in Davis)
Jackie Mason & tough Jews (180 in Davis)
Barbara Bush at Wellesley (178 in Davis)
Is the doctor home? No…

Stanford design class.

1. question everything
2. be skeptical
3. negate everything — see if it works with a “no” in it

Deny the conventional, support the odd, court paradoxes, play devil’s advocate

look for situational definitions. Look for mismatches of situational definitions. “Oh, I didn’t think this was a date?” “You mean she’s not your mother?”

Borrow pairwise comparisons from linguistics movie and film, casual dresser vs. style conscious dresser

Look for things that are surely social, individual, or natural and posit that they are one of the others.

Stop thinking only in terms of background categories. Don't be "distracted" by race, class, gender. Keep an eye out for humans.

Be analytically nomadic.

Wayne's 1998 Sketch on Marking the Unmarked

Why do heterosexuals have to flaunt their heterosexuality?!! I mean you can't even go to a shopping mall without seeing these heterosexuals holding hands in public, flaunting their sexuality in front of the whole world! And then every time one of them gets engaged they have to announce it in the paper for the whole world to appear. Why can't they just love each other in private?!!! Why do they feel compelled to promote their radical "heterosexual agenda" in the paper every time they get engaged? And if that isn't enough they do it again when they get married! Talk about being in your face.
And everytime you go to a construction site some flaming heterosexual is whistling at women saying "hey baby, hey baby." That's all those heterosexuals think about is sex. I mean just look at Hugh Grant, and Bill Clinton, and Monica Lewinsky. That just proves heterosexuals are obssessed with sex.
And you know I just don't think heterosexuality is a healthy lifestyle. It can lead to PROSTITUTION and look at all the spouse abuse and divorce it leads to. The 50% divorce rate just proves that a man and a woman can't be together!
And still despite all the problems it leads to they still want all these SPECIAL RIGHTS for heterosexuals like being able to marry and adopt children. Why can't they just accept the rights everyone else has and stop asking for all these special group privileges.