Social Self Essay Rubrik

Four Components: Observational Work; Goffmanian concepts; Application; Writing

Your task is to use this small essay as a way of communicating that you understand well a subset of concepts from Goffman's book.

Observational Work

Is the real world object of inquiry named, described in concrete terms, bounded, observed with a subtle eye? Does the writer communicate the observational data on which she bases her analysis such that the reader can follow along with her connection of concept and data?

Master Ethnographer Mere "pointing"

Goffmanian Concepts

To what degree does the text demonstrate that the writer understands the concepts Goffman writes about in PSEDL?

Demonstrates Solid Understanding Suggests Understanding Suggests Misunderstanding
or Lack of Understanding
Demonstrates Lack of Understanding

To look for: context - where in Goffman's argument do these concepts show up; coherence - does this set of concepts hang together; quotes - used? right ones for concept?; explications/paraphrases - used? correct/clear?


To what degree do your observations and conceptual material come together? Do you use the one to clarify or illustrate the other? Do we better understand your example material and better understand Goffman's concepts because of how you put them together?


  1. Do paragraphs have topic sentences?
  2. Sentence level syntax/grammar correct?
  3. Diction appropriate to discipline/course/level? (does it sound like you are in this class?)
  4. Punctuation
    1. Commas, semicolons, colons used correctly?

Papers with an abundance of problems in the following areas will be returned without comments for revision and max grade on rewrite of B.

  1. No contractions
  2. Evidence of proofreading?
  3. Possessives formed with apostrophe S
    1. Punctuation inside quotation marks when appropriate?
    2. Sources cited fully (author year, page) and appropriately.
    3. Works cited section at end: book titles in italics, article/chapter titles in quotes.
    4. Double quotes unless quote within a quote