Six Perspectives

Six Theoretical Perspectives

  1. Weber's "Sociology of Verstehen" — Task of sociology is to study meaningful behavior by which Weber meant behavior in which the actor takes into account the reactions of others. Introduces problems of "subjectively meaningful behavior" as contrast to instinctual conduct, habit, etc. Weber was interested in what action meant for the actor.
  2. Symbolic Interaction — Herbert Blumer's extension of the ideas of George Herbert Mead. Meaning of acts is what the audience ascribes to it.
  3. Dramaturgy — Goffman's use of theatre metaphor to describe social interaction. Combines role theory, symbolic interaction, linguistics with traditional theatrical concepts.
  4. Labeling Theory — Originally a part of the sociology of deviance. Deviance not an inherent property of behaviors or persons, but a label applied to persons by "society."
  5. Phenomenology
  6. Ethnomethodology – Harold Garfinkel. Originally intended as a