Identity Kits

Keys, Calendars, Identity Kits


First, we want to ascertain what our respondent is up to

1. Where are you at the moment and what are you doing? (e.g., I'm at school and going to classes)
2. What other things have you done today or will you do today? Or another way to put it: what are you packed for?
Next we inventory
3. List all of the containers you have with you today (bags, pocketbooks, purses, pockets) that contain something (that is, you don't need to list empty pockets). In some cases we might also have stuff hanging on us (such as ID cards or passes) so "hanging on me" might be included as a "container."
4. Do an initial gross characterization of each. Generically, what's in this one? What's in that one? Etc.
5. For each contain, list the objects in it.
6. For each object, do a gross categorization public/private. Then ask what identity does it go with? What is it for? Why is it here? How often is it used? Where is it used?
Assess category separation, container segregation, etc.
How many identities represented?
To what degree do these overlap?
What objects cut across categories?
What would be lumped under "public" and what under "private"?
Inventory Objects