Ten First Maps

Map 1

Alameda Tracts + Water + Roads + Points

Map 2

Map 1 but zoom in to show just Oakland

Map 3

Select just Oakland tracts from Alameda tracts layer (name10<4200). Zoom in to show just Oakland. Label ONLY the selected tracts using field name10.

Map 4

Select just Oakland tracts and save as its own vector layer. Map of just Oakland Tracts with tracts labeled.

Map 5

Map with Alameda tracts in a muted color with Oakland tracts in a bolder color. Include the water latyer too.

Map 6

Alameda tracts + Oakland tracts + Water + Roads.

Take a look at the Roads attribute table. Note we have a MTFCC field. Sort the table by this field (click on the column header). Note that the lowest value is S1100. What sort of roads do these appear to be? Select all the records (rows) that have this value. You can do the select by hand (cntrl-click or command-click) or using the search

Close attribute table.

Layer > Save Selection as vector file… FREEWAYS (in your roads folder). And then add this layer to the map.

Right click on the freeway layer and go to the properties dialog. Change its display characteristics to be a wide line with black outer lines and green interior.

Stop and Think: Examine the lines on the map. What do you make of the lines that cross the road here and there?

Make the rest of the streets a light grey and make the Alameda census tracts a calm tan color with white boundaries and Oakland tracts something a little bolder.

Select major roads and save as own layer
Map of Alameda tracts with roads
Map of Alameda tracts with roads in muted color and freeways in bold color

Map 7

In the layers panel turn off freeways and the water layers.

Pan and zoom until you have Mills campus in the center of the map and just Oakland showing (remember, zoom tool is near the pan (hand) tool).

Use the measure tool (View > Measure) to identify how far 1000 meters is from the center of the Mills campus.

Get the "select by radius tool" from either tool bar or menu (View > Select …) and select a circle about 1000 m in diameter around the center of the Mills campus. The selection should show up in the roads layer. Save the selection as MillsAreaRoads. Add it to the map and turn the larger roads layer off and the freeway layer back on.

Map 8

Take a look at this districts map.


Can you make a map of Oakland districts based on census tracts?

Map 9

Your choice

Map 10

Your choice