Week Day Topic Exercises
1 Th Introduction to Course zxc
2 Tu What Is A Map Exercise 3b Navigating a map
Exercise 3c Looking at feature attributes
Th How does GIS work? Exercise 4a Browsing map data
Exercise 4b Searching for map data
Exercise 4c Adding data to ArcMap
3 Tu Thematic Maps Exercise 5a Changing symbology
Exercise 5b Symbolizing features by categorical attributes
Th Graphic Design and the Visual Vocabulary of Maps Exercise 5c Using styles and creating layer files
Exercise 5d Symbolizing rasters
4 Tu Distributions and Descriptive Statistics for Mappers Exercise 6a Classifying features by standard methods
Exercise 6b Classifying features manually
Exercise 6c Mapping density
Exercise 6d Using graduated and chart symbols
5 Tu 20 TBA
  1. Advanced Labeling in ArcMap (HD)
Exercise 7a Using dynamic labels
Exercise 7b Setting rules for placing labels
Exercise 7c Using interactive labels and creating annotation
Exercise 8a Identifying, selecting, finding, and hyperlinking features
Exercise 8b Selecting features by attribute
Exercise 8c Creating reports
Th 22 Working with Data I Exercise 9a Joining tables
Exercise 9b Relating tables
6 Tu 27 Finding, Cleaning, and Importing Data Exercise 14a Creating a personal geodatabase
Exercise 14b Creating feature classes
Exercise 14c Adding fields and domains
Th continued… Exercise 15a Drawing features
Exercise 15b Using feature construction tools
7 Tu 4 Oct continued… Exercise 16a Deleting and modifying features
Exercise 16b Splitting and merging features
Exercise 16c Editing feature attribute values
Th 6 Oct continued… Exercise 17a Creating an address locato
Exercise 17b Matching addresses
Exercise 17c Rematching addresses
Exercise 18a Opening a map template
Exercise 18b Adding x,y data to a map
Exercise 18c Drawing graphics on a map
8 Tu zxc Exercise 10a Using location queries
Exercise 10b Combining attribute and location queries
Th 13 Oct


9 Tu 18 Oct Data Aggregation and Disaggregation Exercise 11a Dissolving features
Exercise 11b Creating graphs
Th 20 Oct Exercise 11c Clipping layers
Exercise 11d Exporting data
10 Tu zxc zxc
Th 27 Oct zxc Exercise 12a Buffering features
Exercise 12b Overlaying data
Exercise 12c Calculating attribute values
11 Tu 1 Nov Coordinates and Projections Exercise 13a Projecting data on the fly
Exercise 13b Defning a projection
Th 3 Nov zxc
12 Tu 8 Nov Beauty zxc
Th 10 Nov Using Maps in Documents, Presentations, and Websites
13 Tu 15 Nov TBA Exercise 19a Laying out the page
Exercise 19b Adding a title
Exercise 19c Adding a north arrow, scale bar, and legend
Exercise 19d Adding final touches and setting print options
Th 17 Nov EXAM
14 Tu 22 November Presentations
Th Thanksgiving
15 Tu 29 Nov Presentations
Th 1 Dec Presentations