Readings List


  1. Bucher Innovative Software Development in GIS ()
  2. Monmonier Rhumblines (cartography mercator monmonier navigation projections)
  3. Johnson The Ghost Map (cholera epidemiology london snow)
  4. National Academies Putting People on the Map (big-data privacy)
  5. Harmon Map as Art ()
  6. Dodge et al The Map Reader ()
  7. Heim. A Beginner's Guide to Image File Format (image-files tech-topics)
  8. Ocean Teacher. Geographic Information System Data Models ()
  9. Integrating Geographic Data (Penn State) ()
  10. CalTrans. 2001. The California Coordinate System ()
  11. Caltrans. The California Coordinate System (california crs projections)
  12. Directions Magazine. Women in GIS ()
  13. Amazing Women In GIS ()
  14. Types of Coordinate Reference Systems (crs projections)
  15. Basic principles of geodesy (geodosy)
  16. Cote, P. About US Census (census)
  17. Mack, J. Quick Summary of 2010 Census (census tiger)
  18. ESRI. nd. Georeferencing and coordinate systems (coordinate-systems latitude longitude projections)
  19. ESRI Geoprocessing—Computing with geographic data (esri gis spatial_analysis)
  20. ESRI How a GIS represents and models geographic information (data esri gis layers)
  21. ESRI Spatial relationships and behavior (esri gis spatial_relations)
  22. ESRI Three fundamental representations of geographic information layers (attributes esri gis imagery. lines points polygons)
  23. ESRI Key aspects of GIS (buffers esri features gis layers rasters)
  24. ESRI GIS is based on layers (esri gis layers)
  25. ESRI How Maps Convey Geographic Information (esri layers layout spatial_relationships)
  26. ESRI-Introduction-to-GIS (esri intro)