Finishing 2013 Random


Q279. Explain these acronyms: SQL, WMS, WGS84

Q278. Explain these acronyms: PNG, TIF, geoTIF

QGIS Skills

Download Zip File containing QGIS files for these questions.
Q287. Download this zip file, open the QGIS workspace inside, produce a map that looks like this:
and post it to a wiki page.

Q314. Show how to set snapping options to make vertex matching while drawing polygons by hand easier.

Q305. Open properties dialog for a vector layer and explain briefly what the Styles, Labels, Fields, Metadata, and Joins tabs are for.

California Geography

Q292. Name these California counties.


Q294. Identify the counties in this band across northern California



Q316. What is Tissot's Indicatrix and what is it used for?

Q291. What do we call this kind of map?


Coordinate Reference Systems and Projections

Q297. With reference to the figures below, describe what the California State Plane System is.


Q299. What is the California CRS zone for Oakland and the Bay Area? What units is it in? What datum is it based on?

Web Mapping

Q285. Name a few suppliers of map tiles.

Q284. What are "map tiles"? Where do we encounter them? How do they work?

Generic GIS Skills

Q272. Explain/illustrate what these geoprocessing operations do: clip, intersection, union, difference, buffer, convex hull, symmetric difference.

Q266. What is interpolation and how do heat maps work?

All Other Problems

Q268. Projections: explain the terms cylindrical, conical, azimuthal, conformal, equal-area in conjunction with map projections and coordinate systems

Q320. Explain this diagram: