Billable Hours
Record Number Name Month Day Hours Minutes Activity Comments Edit
42 littleowen November 20 4 0 Still researching project topic. Hours
41 KitGrl November 18 3 30 finding vector files on bay area earthquakes, putting them together on qgis, and figuring out how to upload them to the wiki Hours
40 ChickenChick510 November 18 1 30 Work on 1 page write up topics 'hours'
39 kdingman November 16 1 0 reading about my 1 page write ups hours
38 jthuannguyen November 13 2 0 Mapping health outcomes yay! Hours
37 littleowen November 16 4 0 More research for my topic. I put some stuff up on my topic wiki page. Need to make those tables. Hours
36 November 17 4 0 More research for my topic I put some stuff up on my topic wiki page. Need to make those tables. Hours
35 littleown November 14 3 0 Catching up on Georeferencing really fascinating stuff, but I find QGIS to be buggy when it comes to Georeferencing. Hours
34 littleowen November 13 4 0 Research for my topic project. Not finding much on my census years in tabular or shapefil data. Looks like I'll have to make my own tables and project those onto a map of Oakland to explain what i'd like to. Hours
33 AwesomeJedi November 15 1 0 Georeferencing and Plugin Wiki Page Tried to work on some georeferencing, but need help. So I worked on my wikipage plugin for the first time! Hours
32 AwesomeJedi November 15 4 15 Worked on single page project I understand my plugin a little more! Just don't know exactly how to show it. Hours
31 BecauseBunnies November 15 2 0 Wrapped my head around 1.5 topics, added a few resources I hate trigonometry. Hours
30 jessyess November 15 1 0 Georeferencing and Geoprocessing Catchup kept having problems with georeferencing, finally figured it out! Hours
29 jessyess November 12 0 45 Topical Project: Oakland, Transit, and GIS searched for existing shapefiles relating to roads and transit in Oakland. found shapefiles of Alameda roads (line vector layer) and Oakland intersections (point vector layer). made maps using files. Hours
28 BecauseBunnies November 15 2 30 Finished uploading and organizing pictures, did more research Still a bit confused, but getting there… Hours
27 kdingman November 13 1 0 tried to add photo to website still have no clue how to do it hours
26 babyboo November 11 0 30 spatiaLite layers I learned how to save vector layer into the to a spatiallite format hours
25 kdingman November 12 0 45 worked on my wiki pages hours
24 ChickenChick510 November 12 1 0 Adding Information about Simplifying Geometry in QGIS Code is not a language I speak! hours
23 November 12 1 30 OpenStreetMap hours